Social Equity Partners

Our mission is to help and back social enterprises to design, fund and execute successful strategies to realise their social goals.


We focus on providing strategic consulting services to the boards and management teams of social enterprises in the UK.


We bring a commercial discipline to support strategic decision making in enterprises seeking to grow or turnaround and needing to know how to balance their social missions and business models.


We also broker relationships between enterprises and suitable investors seeking investment opportunities. As a trusted advisor, we will help social enterprises secure the finance to grow or turnaround their business models. And we will help investors develop realistic expectations of a financial and social return on investment.


We are a Community Interest Company (CIC). Our social purpose will be pursued through improving the social impact of our clients and, in the longer term, by our own social investments.


About us

Our founding directors are Sinéad Mc Brearty and Neil Homer. Both have many years of practical experience in leading and operating social businesses and in management and financial consulting in the UK.


To demonstrate our own commitment to delivering social good, we have established the business as a Community Interest Company, and have committed to re-investing profit in social ventures that we believe in.

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